Monday, January 29, 2007

Abnormal Psychology

Hey, I'm getting really lonely here... another month has gone by and still... no one is talking to me. Have you ever had one of those months? Well, I'm about to embark on my first online class and I'm really apprehensive (more than usual)... wish me luck!! ...and PRAY that I won't come off as too far on the abnormal side!! LOL


ANG said...

I am in that class also. These online classes seem to be more work than our weekly classes!

alterego said...

I find myself thinking about it day and night ... and most of the time I feel rather invisible!!! I'm ready to move on though. I am also taking Michigan History online and am enjoying that much more!

Lana Baker said...

Wow! Joyce I love your blog site! How did you dress it up like this? I am impressed! But then, you've been impressing me ever since the first time we met! I would love to use that compass motif you had once for a powerpoint presentation on my header-do you know how to do that? I would also like to be able to post and archive a picture gallery on my blog. I am going to a cooking class tomarrow and I would like to take pictures of that and post them for fun and to help my friends who own that business..actually, I'll be in Grand Haven. I will call you. Maybe we can connect.
Love ya', Lana