Saturday, November 3, 2007

Moving Day...

The old saying goes, the older we get, the faster the days go by... I think I'm officially old!

My baby and his lovely wife are moving to their first home today! It just seems like yesterday I was running him to mini-mite games and inline practice. He's grown up now with grown up problems of balancing work and recreation. Afterall, it's the "American way."

I remember my first house with the plaster falling away from the walls, no hot water heater, and no closets. It was heaven, and quite a contrast to the house we are going to help move Ryan and Courtney into today. The adventure will begin for them and it will be wonderful!! They now have a place to grow roots and spread out. It's a lovely place and my prayer for them is that they will have more good times than bad times there. After all, it is home sweet home!


Mike said...

I sounds like you had busy, but memorable day.

Mae said...

Well written article.